Association of Leadership Educators

Research Papers

"What is that You're Reading?" An Analysis of Leadership Texts
Justin Harris, Jacklyn Bruce, and David Jones

Fraternal Organization Members' Self-perceived Leadership Growth Levels since Entering
Ann C. Goodman, Wenjuan Chen, Laici R. Wedel, Gary Wingenbach

The Animal House or a Bad Rap? Leadership Skill Development of Members of Greek-Letter Organizations
Billy R. McKim, Manda H. Rosser

Defining Leadership: Social Integration of First Year Female Students
Tammie Preston-Cunningham, Kim Dooley, Chanda Elbert

The Power of Language in Leadership and Diversity: A Content Analysis of Two Campaigns using the
Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity
Gregory T. Gifford, Gina S. Matkin, Joana S. Story

"The Feeling's Mutual": Student Participation in Leadership as Reciprocal Exchange
Michael A. Owens

Testing Relationships Between Servant Leadership and Leader Member Exchange (LMX)
John E. Barbuto, Jr., Robert W. Hayden

The Intended Outcomes and Impacts of Agricultural Leadership Development Programs

L. Rochelle Strickland, Hannah S. Carter

The Impact of 4-H on Leadership Life Skill Development: A College-Level Alumni Perspective
Jessica Anderson, Lauren Mouton, Jacklyn Bruce

Identifying the Influencing Factors Affecting Professional Volunteer Leadership in Extension
Alexa Lamm, Debbie Nistler, Nicole Stedman

The Impact of Group Development Theory on Students' Perceived Importance and Confidence in Group Work Skills
Natalie Coers, Dennis Duncan, Jennifer Williams

The Effects of Teaching Methods in Leadership Knowledge Retention: An Experimental Design of Lecture, Experiential, and Public Pedagogy
Jennifer Williams, Megan McClure

Connecting Soft Skill Development and Leadership Education
Christie Brungardt

Participation and Leadership in Beef Industry Organizations

Crystal Mathews, Hannah S. Carter

Developing the Capacity for Leadership Transformation through Doctoral Study
Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Moreen T. Carvan, Hercules Nikolaou

The Cube: An Integrated Framework for Leadership Studies Curriculum at BA, MA,
and Ph.D. Levels

Chris Francovich, Heather Crandall, Josh Armstrong, Michael Carey

Practice Papers

Connecting the Dots of Leadership through Interview Assignments
Deborah N. Smith, Deborah B. Roebuck

The EIL Inventory: A Mixed Methods Inventory for Leader Development
Scott J. Allen

Developing Life-Long Learners Through Personal Growth Projects
Barry Boyd, Jennifer Williams

Preparation for Full Time Employment: A Capstone Experience for Students in Leadership Programs
Karen J. Cannon, Gregory T. Gifford, Nicole Stedman, Ricky W. Telg

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Senior Undergraduate Leadership for Business and Human Services Majors
Barbara W. Altman, Constance Lacy

Power-filled Lessons for Leadership Educators from Paulo Freire
Paul Kaak

Intercultural Communication & Leadership: A Teaching Perspective on Intercultural Competency
Mary C. Klein, Yung-Pin Lu

A Look Through the Lens of Our Perspective: Bringing Into Focus a Deeper Understanding of Culture, Self, and Leadership
Jen Brothers, Jill Hufnagel

Peer Education Training: The Success of a Train-the-Trainer Framework
Jill Casten, Marty Tatman

Lessons of Leadership and Professionalism: A Workshop Series with Rotaract
Stephen W. Edwards, Eric Kaufman, Jenna Genson, Megan Armbruster, Meghan Weyerns Kuhn, Jessica E. Smith, Jerald H. Walz

Law Students in Leadership: Elon Law Schools Leadership Program
Faith Rivers James
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