Research Papers

A Conversation With Our Keynoter 
Christina Baldwin

Masterful Mentoring Methods 
Mary Ellen Blackburn, University of Georgia

Sure They Could Hit, Play, Write, and Talk, But Could They Lead?
Cindy Blackwell, Texas A&M University

Because Wisdom Can't Be Told:  New Approaches to Leadership Education 
Chester J. Bowling, Ohio State University

Building Effective Teen Leadership – A Service-Learning Approach
Barry L. Boyd, Texas A&M University & Jill Stafford, Kansas State University          

Talking Circles as a Metaphor and Pedagogy for Learning 
David A. Cowan & Kathy Adams, Miami University

Tailoring Volunteer Positions Which Connect Communities to Your Organization 
Ken Culp, III, & Wendy J. Stivers, University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky Volunteer Administrative Academy 
Ken Culp, III, & Wendy J. Stivers, University of Kentucky

The Role of Public Deliberation in Leadership:  Crossing Boundaries to Reach Diverse Perspectives 
Renée A. Daugherty & Sue E. Williams, Oklahoma State University

Where We Fear To Tread: The Scary Boundaries of Leadership Education 
Donald G. DiPaolo, University of Michigan

Study Abroad: Linking Individual Leadership to Organizational and Societal Change in the Global Community 
Garee W. Earnest, Ohio State University

Too Much to Do...Too Little Time - Breaking the Boundaries of Leadership Development Access 
Beth Flynn & Linda Kutilek, Ohio State University

TL2: The Connection Between Transformative Leadership and Transformative Learning in Successful Cooperative Extension
Nancy Franz, Cornell University

Building Leadership Beyond Boundaries:  The Sustainable Communities Approach 
William Grunkemeyer & Myra Moss, Ohio State University

Student Participation in Collegiate Organizations: Expanding the Boundaries
Christine Hegedus & James Knight, University of Arizona

Transforming Leadership Internationally through the Teaching of "The 10 Characteristics Plus 2" of Servant Leadership
Nancy E. Horn, Independent Consultant

Around the World in 60 Minutes:  Experiencing Leadership One Country at a Time 
Lori L. Moore, John C. Ricketts, & Rick D. Rudd, University of Florida

Partners For Social Change: The Building of a Multi-institutional Leadership Development Program
Don Mulvaney, Auburn University; Audrey Trotman, Tuskegee University; & Caula Beyl, Alabama A&M University

Leadership Education for Rural Development: Three Case Studies 
Liz Nevers, Tim Filbert, and Gerald Campbell, University of Wisconsin

A Framework for Leading in a Multicultural Context 
Bonnie Pribush, Franklin College

Utilizing Leadership Skills with At-Risk Middle Schoolers 
Barbara Reese, 4-H Volunteer Leader, Prince William Co., Virginia

Enhancing Global Perspective of Future Leaders 
Pam Morris, Natalie Fowler, Abdelfattah Nour, Dave Sammons, & Mark Russell, Purdue University

Using Initiatives/Challenge Activities to Teach Leadership
Kim Sager, Deana Tompkins, 4-H Teen Members; & Barbara Reese, 4-H Volunteer Leader, Prince William Co. Virginia

Character Education – A Vital Part of Leadership Education
Kim Sager, Deana Tompkins, 4-H Teen Members; & Barbara Reese, 4-H Volunteer Leader, Prince William Co., Virginia

The Clash of Corporate Leadership Agendas 
David Spivey, University of Texas at Dallas

Florida Cooperative Extension Volunteer Leadership Certification Program 
Nicole Perez Stedman, Chris Morgan, Rick Rudd, University of Florida

Beyond the Boundaries of Risk:  Factors Influencing the Risk-Taking Propensity of Student Leaders and Implications for Leadership Development 
Kelleen Stine-Cheyne, Texas A&M University

Trends and Issues Impacting Community Leadership at the Start of the 21st Century 
Jerold R. Thomas & Daney Jackson, Ohio State University

Kansas Environmental Leadership Program: Combining Training in Leadership, Issue Analysis, And Public Policy Choices
Katey Walker, Kansas State University

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