Research Papers

Creativity and Leadership – A Partnership that "Leaps Beyond Practical (Applied) Blues"
Tony Andenoro

A Model to Create Radical Change in an Educational Institution
Paul Arsenault 

Youth Government Day: Brining Tomorrow's Leaders in Touch with Today's!
Kimberly Bellah, Wendy Warner, Adam Basford, Julie Kricher, & Kibiby Mtenga

Transformational Leadership, Innovation, and Knowledge Management: Empirical Findings and Emergent Conclusions
Chris Crawford

Why are we so different? Regional Differences in Volunteer Leader Core Competencies
Ken Culp, Renee McKee, & Patrick Nestor

Leaders and Public Deliberation: Case Studies in Citizen Involvement
Renee Daugherty & Sue Williams

Evaluating Leadership Development for Public Officials Using Retrospective Pretest Methodology
Gregory Davis, Don Lacy, & Joe Lucente

Go Bucks: Lessons in Leadership by Coach Jim Tressel
Garee Earnest & Beth Flynn

Using Intergenerational DialogTM Process to Solve Community Issues
Andrea Gage & Leverne Barrett

Solving the Dilemmas of Soul, Spirit, and Savvy in Community Leadership Programs
Jim Goldsmith & Margaret McIlnay

Leadership Distance Learning: Are You Lonesome Tonight
Scott Graham & Mindy McNutt

The Case for Competency Based Volunteer Training and Curriculum
Judy Groff & Spring Williams

The Impact of the Indiana 4-H Junior Leader Project on the Development of Leadership Skills in Teens
Kevin Harris

Leadership in the Academy: The Scholarship of Administration
Daney Jackson, Theodore Alter, & Bruce McPheron

Making Mentoring Matter for Students
Susan Lieberman

DRIVEN to Lead
Jim Mahone

Jimmy Carter: Discovering the Soul of a Leader through an Investigation of Personality Traits
Amber Mangle & Christine Langone

Leading Organizational Change Through the Senior Capstone Experience
Mindy McNutt & Scott Graham

Marching Band Blues: Leadership Development in a Practical Key
Jeffrey Miller & Brad McDavid

Elements of an Undergraduate Agricultural Leadership Program: A Delphi Study
Christian Morgan, Rick Rudd, & Erick Kaufman

Don't Cry No More – The Next Generation of Women's Leadership is Rising
Lizabeth Mullens & Kai Freeman

Leadership is Self-Development
Jill Nolan

The Role of Communication in Creating and Maintaining Member Identification
Mercy Olumoya

Values-Based Leadership: Strategies for Getting Real in the Collegiate Classroom
Penny Pennington & Christie Brungardt

Youth Leadership Participation and Civic Engagement: A Statewide Study
Penny Pennington & Craig Edwards

Leadership: Knowledge Acquisition, Skill Building and Competency Development
Raymond Price & Jeffrey Moss

Diffusion of Systems Thinking to Learners
Robert Richard

The Heart of University Leadership Development Programs
Mark Russell, Janet Ayres, Pablo Malavenda, & Pamela Morris

Developing Multicultural Leadership Competencies in Extension Educators
Mark Russell, Kelli Selby, Pamela Morris, Floyd Branson, & Dave Sammons

Leadership, Volunteer Administration and 4-H
Nicole Stedman & Rick Rudd

Leadership Challenges Facing Extension Organizations in an Era of Globalization
Jerold Thomas & Daney Jackson

Leadership Secrets of "Survivor"
Bill Weeks

Building Leadership Competencies for the Workplace: Teaching Authentic Leadership
Belinda White

Needed: Leadership at All Levels
Kate Wilcox-Harris & Michael Ayers

Using Popular Media to Teach Leadership
Jennifer Williams & Barry Boyd

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