Research Papers

Facilitation Skills for the Community Leadership Practitioner
Johanna Reed Adams, University of Missouri

Global Leadership – Where in the World is Leadership Education?
Tony Andenoro and Holly Kasperbauer, Texas A&M University

A Leadership Development Model for Student Organizations
Paul Arsenault and Charles Warner, West Chester University

The Heifer Project Experience – Opening eyes and minds
Cindy Blackwell, Daleena Babcock, and Tracy Smith, Oklahoma State University

Community and Purpose: Encouraging Young Women's Civic Development in a Global Leadership Program
Keonya C. Booker, Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Leadership Skills Employed by 4-H Youth Development Extension Educators
Jacklyn Bruce and Megan Sinasky, Penn State University

Ensuring Application in Leadership Development
Hannah S. Carter and Eric K. Kaufman University of Florida

Factors Which Influence Leadership Participation in Agricultural Organizations
Hannah S. Carter and Rick D. Rudd, University of Florida

Building Better Communities through Leadership and Economic Development:  A Model Initiative for Rural Revitalization
Renee A. Daugherty and Sue E. Williams, Oklahoma State University

A Learning Community's Challenge for The Teacher: A Case Study
Patricia J. Fairchild, University of Nebraska

Strengthening the Curriculum in a Personal Leadership Course: Application of StrengthsQuest in Personal Leadership Development
Summer Felton and Linda Powell, Texas A&M University

Frazzled about developing an on-line leadership course? Come check this out!
Carrie Fritz, University of Tennessee

Low Resources in a High Stakes Game: Identifying Viable Rural Community Partners
Susan Fritz, Amy Boren, Dee Trudeau, and Daniel Wheeler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Middle Eastern Student's Attitudes Toward Their Involvement In An Intensive Leadership Development Program
Bryan J. Hains, Purdue University

How Are We Going To Find True North During an Organizational Perfect Storm? Understanding Succession Management - A Requisite Model
Lanny Hass, North Carolina State University

Suggestions for Inclusion of the Disability Community in Leadership Development Programs
Bob Heinemann, Oklahoma State University

Peer teaching of Shared Leadership
Jim Mahone, University of Guelph

Connecting Fear, Leadership, and Charisma
Carol McBryde, Oklahoma State University

Student Perceptions of a Collegiate All Male Personal Leadership Development Course
Chris Morgan, Cindy Blackwell, and Penny Pennington, Oklahoma State University

FFA Leadership: Do Activities Navigate Toward Full Potential?
Robin L. Peiter, Martha A. Nall, and Roger Rennekamp, University of Kentucky

The Relationship Between Leadership Development and Critical Thinking Skills of Selected Youth Leaders in the National FFA Organization
John C. Ricketts, University of Georgia

Extension, Outreach, Knowledge Transfer, Technology Transfer: What Is It That We Do undefined Officially?
Carolyn D. Roper, Purdue University

Leadership and Mentoring: CEO Perspectives
Manda Rosser, Texas A&M University

U-Lead: Proven Results for Individuals, Organizations and Communities
Donna Rae Scheffert, University of Minnesota

Engaging the Disengaged: Factors Associated with Undergraduate Campus Leadership Involvement
Kelli K. Smith, Ye Xu, and Susan M. Fritz, University of Nebraska

Mentoring Pedagogy in a Leadership Curriculum Designed for College Students
Sharon K. Strouse, Ohio State University, Christopher M. Sieverdes, Clemson University

An Undergraduate Executive Mentorship Program for Students of Color: Design, Implementation and Lessons Learned
Belinda Johnson White, Morehouse College

Polar Activities; activities to warm up the audience
Jennifer Williams, Texas A&M University and Oklahoma State University

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