Research Papers

An Evaluation of the LSU Agricultural Center's Agricultural Leadership Development Program
Michele Abington-Cooper and Joe W. Kotrlik, Louisiana State University

Competencies of Leadership Professionals: A National Study of Premier Leadership Degree Programs
Anthony Andenoro, Texas A&M University

Reflections on Teaching Leadership: A First Time Teacher's Perspective
Evetta Armstrong and Christine A. Langone, University of Georgia

Assessing Leadership Development Impact of International Experiences
Mark Balschweid, Linda Vallade and Mark Russell, Purdue University

Testing the Emotional Intelligence of Leaders as an Antecedent to Leader-Member Exchanges: A Field Study
John E. Barbuto, Jr., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dramaturgical Teaching in the Leadership Classroom: Taking Experiential Learning to the Next Level
John E. Barbuto, Jr., University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

Leadership Across the Curriculum
Cindy Blackwell, Oklahoma State University

Exploring the Use of Leadership Frameworks
Kim Boyce, Cindy Bigger and Mike Liepold, University of Minnesota Extension Service

Helping Students Apply Their College Experience: A New Learning Community Approach
Barry Boyd and Summer Felton, Texas A&M University

An Introduction to the Team Leadership Development Practice of Crew Resource Management in the Airline Industry and the Findings of a Qualitative Study to Develop a Practitioners' Model
Christin M. Capriglione, Scott R. Homan Ph.D., and Michael W. Suckow
Purdue University

Leadership Expectations of County Farm Bureau Board Members
Hannah S. Carter, Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources and Rick D. Rudd, University of Florida

Personal Growth as an Indicator of Community Change Through the Involvement of Community Leadership Training: A Phenomenological Study
Anita Hall, University of Nebraska

Accommodating Traditional Leadership Training Exercises for Diverse Populations
Bob Heinemann and Penny Pennington, Oklahoma State University

Leadership Studies at a Historically Black, Liberal Arts College: The Intersection of Leadership Theory, History, and the African American Cultural Experience
Belinda Johnson White, Morehouse College

Rural Leadership Development: A Synthesis of Research
Eric Kaufman and Rick Rudd, University of Florida

Combining Leadership Theory and Practice with Community Service Learning
Lynn Hertrick Leavitt, George Mason University and Kris Binard, Front Range Community College – Larimer Campus

Creating Effective Boards and Committees 101
Mike Liepold and Katie Rasmussen, University of Minnesota Extension Service

Developing Leaders: A Needs Assessment of New Faculty Mentoring at a Canadian University
Gilian H. MacPherson and James P. Mahone, University of Guelph

Assessing Student Leadership in a College Learning-Living Community
Ashley Marquart, Jennifer Williams, and Bill Weeks, Oklahoma State University

A Missed Opportunity: Leadership Education Through Student Group Advisement
Carol A. McBryde, Oklahoma State University

Creativity as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Leadership
Anthony Middlebrooks and Audrey Helfman, University of Delaware

Exploring the Rugged Terrains of Leadership to Build Learning Communities
Jeffrey P. Miller, Innovative Leadership Solutions & University of Indianapolis and Teresa Hogue, Cascade Center for Community Governance & Oregon State University

Leadership Curriculum used by High School Agricultural Science Instructors: A National Study
A. Christian Morgan, Oklahoma State University and Rick D. Rudd, University of Florida

Guiding Leaders of Tomorrow: Examining FFA Leadership with Member Focus Groups
Martha A. Nall and Robin Peiter Horstmeier, University of Kentucky

Fostering student-athlete leadership through the Student Athlete Advisory Committee SAAC Leadership Retreat
Bryan Patterson, University of Florida Athletic Association

Using Backwards Design to Develop an Online Organizational Leadership Course
Adrian B. Popa, Gonzaga University

Bridging the Leadership Gap Among Rural Communities
Catherine M. Rasmussen, University of Minnesota Extension Service

Student Leadership Practices of [state] FFA Members
John C. Ricketts, University of Georgia

The Challenges of Measuring Leadership Development in College Students
Fredrick R. Rohs and Christine A. Langone, University of Georgia

A Leadership Development Certificate Program: A New Collegiate Model
Mark Russell and Janet Ayres, Purdue University

Exploring Leadership Skill Development of Freshmen in a Leadership Living Learning Community
Nicole L. P. Stedman, Felix Arnold and Craig Rotter, Texas A&M University

Linking Emotional Intelligence to Critical Thinking: Balancing Our Curriculum within Leadership Education
Nicole L. P. Stedman and Anthony Andenoro, Texas A&M University

Exploring the Connection Between Organizational Culture and Leadership Using an Established AgriBusiness  
Louann Waldner, A.D.D.I.E. Group and Bill Weeks, Oklahoma State University

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