Research Papers

Head or Heart? And other Challenges and Issues in Leadership Education
Scott J. Allen, Michelle Jones, Anthony Middlebrooks

The perceptions of peer mentors by freshmen in transition at a large land grant university
Felix Arnold

Developing Volunteer Leaders in Florida Farm Bureau
Shannon Arnold

Leadership Development for Distributive Leadership: Changing a University Through Tempered Radicals, Storytelling and Mediated Dialogue - A University Meets the Challenge of Change through Leadership Development
Paul M. Arsenault, Jack Orr, Scott Sherman, and Molly Nece

How to Utilize Concept Maps in Evaluating Students' Conceptualization of Leadership
Cindy Blackwell & Jennifer Williams

Enhancing Florida Farm Bureau Organizational Interactions through Active, Thematic Instruction: "Lessons Learned from George Strait!"
Roslynn G. H. Brain, Rick Rudd

Leadership Development: Changing Organizational Culture
Sue Buck

Strengthening the Voice: A Program for Local Farm Bureau Leaders
Hannah S. Carter, Eric K. Kaufman, Rick D. Rudd

Harry Potter Saves the Moribund Town
Jay Dewey

Purdue University's College of Agriculture Leadership Development Certificate Program
Tracie M. Egger

Deep in the heart of FFA: Leadership activities and member role by demographic
Robin Peiter Horstmeier, Martha A. Nall

Surviving the Reality of Leadership: Using Reality TV to Portray Leader Focused Theories
Darby Johnson & Andrea Stryk

Leadership in Action, A Multi-State Leadership Development Program for College Students
Christina Klawitter, Marianne Lorensen, Robbie Ortega, & Lisa Burgoon

Using Book Discussion Groups as a Supplement to the Leadership Classroom
Marianne Lorensen

Service learning as a tool for Capacity Development in Rural Nova Scotia
James P. Mahone

Nurturing Critical Reflection and Perspective through the Kiva
Anthony Middlebrooks

Leadership Styles for Success in Collaborative Work
W. Roger Miller and Jeffrey P. Miller

Link to Leadership: Resources on the Web
Martha A. Nall

Fostering Moral Imagination in Leadership Students
Adrian B. Popa, Barbra K. Enlow

B.A.S.I.C Training: Building and Achieving Success in Chapters through
Adventure-Learning Focusing on Leadership and Teamwork
Kerry Priest, John C. Ricketts, & Dennis W. Duncan

The Leadership Impact of Beef Cattle Projects
John C. Ricketts, Brandon F. Walker, Dennis Duncan, Ray V. Herren

Leadership Education Strengthens Social Capital in Farming Communities
Tammy L. Seefeld

Searching for Leadership: Application of Leadership Theory through Orienteering
Amy R. Smith & Robert Terry, Jr.

Leadership Development through Experiential Learning
Tracy Smith & Manda Rosser

Discovering Leadership through Art
Nicole LP Stedman

Filling the Student Development Gap for Undergraduates in Agriculture
Marlene F. von Stein

The Emergence of African-American Leaders in American Society
Arthur C. Watson & Manda Rosser

Facilitating Collaboration among Collegiate Leadership Programs: The Kansas Experience
Ron Wilson

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