Research Papers

Echoes of Leadership Education: Reflections on Failure, Forgetting and Our Future
Donald G. DiPaolo, University of Detroit Mercy

Agricultural Leadership Programming: A Review of Literature and Recommendations for Future Research
Crystal Mathews & Hannah Carter, University of Florida

Leadership Development and Social Capital: Is There a Relationship?
Lawrence J. Van De Valk, Cornell University

Republic of Georgia students' change in critical thinking dispositions as a result of a week-long leadership training experience
John C. Ricketts, Rachael McCall & Kerry Priest, University of Georgia

Are they really different? Teaching leadership and critical thinking to the masses
Nicole LP Stedman, University of Florida

Using a Grounded Theory Approach to Explore Moral Imagination with Leadership Students
Barbra K. Enlow & Adrian B. Popa, Gonzaga University

Blazing new trails of leadership: Youth role and context of leadership activities focusing in civic engagement
Robin Peiter Horstmeier, University of Kentucky

The Conceptualization of Leadership by Department Heads in Colleges of Agriculture at Land-Grant Institutions
Jennifer Williams, University of Georgia & Cindy Blackwell, Oklahoma State University

Research Themes, Authors, and Methodologies in the Journal of Leadership Education: A Five-Year Look
Leslie D. Edgar, University of Arkansas & Barry Boyd, Gary E. Briers & Tracy Rutherford, Texas A&M University

Practice Papers

Developing Leadership C.O.R.E.
Anthony Middlebrooks, University of Delaware

Building Leadership Skills in College: Outcomes of an Applied Leadership Theory Undergraduate Business Course
Belinda Johnson White, Morehouse College

Immunity to Change: An Exploration in Self-Awareness
Scott Allen, John Carroll University

"Kick the Bucket!" – An activity for enhancing leadership and learning
Sarah Jo Helms & Eric Kaufman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Leadership in Action!: A Practicum in Leadership Studies
Deana Raffo, Middle Tennessee State University

Providing Rigor, Relevance and Relationship in a College Leadership Course
Jonathan J. Velez, James J. Connors & Jon C. Simonsen, The Ohio State University

Stepping into the Lime Light: Preparing 4–H Members for Leadership & Service at the State Level
Jodi L. Torock, Texas A&M University & Jacklyn A. Bruce, The Pennsylvania State University

The uses of storytelling in the leadership development process: Transformative classroom pedagogy
Joseph F. Albert & Kaitlin Vadla, Gonzaga University

Using Gallup's StrengthsQuest to Teach Leadership
Sarah Edwards & Carol McBryde, Texas A&M University

Utilizing True ColorsTM to Enhance Team-building and Communication Skills in a College Ambassador Program
Jamie Cowell-Lucero & Rick Rudd, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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