Call for Reviewers

Have you ever wanted to be on the other side of the publication fence? You know, that side of the fence where you get to influence whether or not an article gets published instead hoping that yours gets published? The Journal of Leadership Education is recruiting additional reviewers. Being a reviewer for a journal benefits you in several ways. First, you are forced to critically analyze articles rather than just read them. Are the methods appropriate for the research question? Are the findings and recommendations supported by the data? Is the article well written? In short, reviewing makes you a better writer and researcher. Second, you get to review cutting edge research or teaching methods before they are published; ideas that might kick-start a new research project or help you improve your own research in timely manner. Finally, you also get to see some research or briefs that may not get published, yet are thought-provoking and lead to improvement in your own research or teaching.

Reviewers are expected to review 2-4 articles per year. During each review cycle, you will be assigned articles whose topics or research methods fall within your area(s) of expertise. You will have four weeks to review the articles assigned to you. I expect reviewers to make comments and suggestions that help our authors become better researchers and writers. Reviewers serve three year terms with the option to renew.

To be eligible to be a reviewer, you must be knowledgeable in statistics, research methodology, leadership theory, and APA guidelines. If you are interested, contact me at In the body of the email, provide your letter of interest, then attach your most recent curriculum vitae for consideration.

Jackie Bruce
Editor, JOLE

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