Article Categories

JOLE solicits articles concerning the nexus of leadership and education. Four categories of articles are offered to indicate the range of acceptable articles and to provide authors with guidance, if needed. The maximum length for each category includes the abstract as well as all tables, charts, and figures, but does not include references.


Features provide a thorough discussion of a research finding or theory finding. The maximum length is 24 typed, double-spaced pages; they are reviewed by the editor and three referees. Please do not include additional information in an appendix. Appendices will be deleted from the manuscript.

  • Research Feature: For research-based papers containing a clear statement of research purpose, review of related scholarship with synthesis of related/relevant literature, clear explanation of methodology, discussion of findings and conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.
  • Theory Feature: Is different from a Research Feature in that a Theory Feature is not necessarily data-driven.  Theory papers address a clear issue or problem, review of related scholarship with synthesis of supporting theories, discussion, and recommendations.


Briefs provide the opportunity for a shorter, to the point, discussion of either an application or an idea. The maximum length is 12 typed double-spaced pages; they are reviewed by the editor and three reviewers.

  • Application Brief: For exploration of a project, program, practice or tool that HAS BEEN implemented. Application Briefs will include a clear issue statement, review of related scholarship, description of the application, discussion of outcome(s), reflections of the practitioner, and recommendations.
  • Idea Brief: Is different from an Application Brief in that the practice need not have been implemented. Idea papers contain a clear issue for exploration, review of related scholarship, explanation of relevant theory and pedagogy, exposition of the idea/potential practice, and anticipated outcomes.  
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