Information for Authors

Appropriateness of Topic for JOLE

Articles should relate to and have implications for both leadership and education. If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of your topic please review previous issues found in the JOLE archives.

Previous Publication, Journal Review, and Conference Presentation

JOLE does not accept submissions published previously or under review by another journal. By submitting their manuscript authors agree that the work has not been published and is not under review by any other journal. Prior presentation at a conference or concurrent consideration for presentation does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to JOLE.

Formatting a Manuscript for JOLE

The editor will return manuscripts twice for issues of formatting before terminally rejecting an article. Some specific formatting of which all authors should be aware:

  • Feature pieces should be no more than 24 pages; Brief pieces should be no more than 12 pages; excluding references. 
  • Use 12 pt Time New Roman font.
  • Double space all text.
  • Do NOT utilize a running head.
  • Leave pages unnumbered.
  • Use ONLY Times New Roman font for all text, figures, and tables.
  • Do NOT change default settings of Microsoft Word for such features as line spacing.
  • Major headings are required, centered.
  • DO indent the first word of paragraphs.
  • List references alphabetically, flush left, single spaced, with a hard return between each reference.
  • No photos will be accepted.
  • DO NOT include appendices; they will be deleted prior to publication.
  • JOLE encourages use of the first person pronouns "I" and "we" in submissions.
  • Sanitize all manuscripts by removing any identifying verbiage.  
  • Authors should always adhere to the guidelines of the most recent edition of the American Psychological Association

Submitting a Manuscript to JOLE (*please note some recent changes 8/10/2014)
ALL submissions must be uploaded as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) files. Authors may submit a manuscript for consideration at any time. 

Submissions are received via the JOLE FastTrack site at

Categories of Manuscripts for JOLE

JOLE solicits articles concerning the nexus of leadership and education. Four categories of articles are offered to indicate the range of acceptable articles and to provide authors with guidance, if needed. The maximum length for each category includes the abstract as well as all tables, charts, and figures, but does not include references.


  • Research Feature: For research-based papers containing a clear statement of research purpose, review of related scholarship with synthesis of related/relevant literature, clear explanation of methodology, discussion of findings and conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.
  • Theory Feature: Is different from a Research Feature in that a Theory Feature is not necessarily data-driven.  Theory papers address a clear issue or problem, review of related scholarship with synthesis of supporting theories, discussion, and recommendations.


  • Application Brief: For exploration of a project, program, practice or tool that HAS BEEN implemented. Application Briefs will include a clear issue statement, review of related scholarship, description of the application, discussion of outcome(s), reflections of the practitioner, and recommendations.
  • Idea Brief: Is different from an Application Brief in that the practice need not have been implemented. Idea papers contain a clear issue for exploration, review of related scholarship, explanation of relevant theory and pedagogy, exposition of the idea/potential practice, and anticipated outcomes.  

Review Process

Upon uploading of a manuscript the contact author will receive email confirmation.  The editor will review the submission for suitability for the journal and specific category.  If not suitable the editor will provide guidance for the author.  Authors will only receive editor guidance twice before a manuscript will be deemed terminally unsuitable for publication in JOLE.  If suitable, the manuscript will be sent to reviewers.  Authors should know the disposition of their manuscript within approximately 60 days of receipt. 

JOLE Policies and Procedures
For more information on JOLE policies and procedures, please see our Policy Manual (updated 8/10/14).

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