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JOLE Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2002

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The founding editor, Tom Gallagher, presents an overview of the need for JOLE and highlights aspects of its design.

Katey Walker
One of the founders of the Association of Leadership Educators in the late 1980s, Katey Walker explores the history of the association and the incremental development of the idea of a journal to support professional development among leadership educators.

Nancy Huber
Asked to examine leadership education from the viewpoint of an educator, Nancy Huber digs in to the meanings of "leadership," offers a framework for describing the field, and offers insights into the learner, the content, the process, and the changing field of leadership education.

Christine D. Townsend
Does leadership education really work? Does it matter? Christine Townsend challenges leadership educators to evaluate the outcomes from their work. A goal of ALE and this journal is to improve our service to individuals and society.

Kenneth Culp & Kathryn Cox
Ken Culp and Kathryn Cox argue that partnerships of youth and adults can serve to develop effective leadership programs. They synthesize societal trends, project the context of 21st century leadership, and identify principles of effective youth leadership development and partnerships.

Joseph Curtin
Joseph Curtin describes over 20 leadership-development methods and then presents the results of quick e-mail survey of leadership development companies on the web. Results suggest that active, facilitated forms of learning are more common than in-classroom training.

Sharon Cartright
An adult education specialist, Sharon Cartright, takes a theory from the discipline of education and shows how it applies to the challenge of leadership education.

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