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Research & Practice Manuscript Submission Formatting

  • For the 2021 ALE Conference, Research & Practice Paper submissions will be reviewed according to review standards set forth by the Journal of Leadership Education.

    Submission Categories

    • Research Manuscripts - Share the results of a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods study that contribute to the emerging leadership education and educational strategy discourse. Submissions will include a clear statement of research purpose, review and synthesis of related literature, clear explanation of methodology, discussion of findings and conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.
    • Practice/Application Manuscripts - Submissions will discuss a project, program, practice or tool that has been implemented. Application manuscripts should include a clear issue statement, a grounding of the pedagogy/andragogy in salient literature, description of the application, discussion of outcomes and implications, and recommendations.

    Submission Formatting: 

    • Word Count (excluding works cited list)
      Research Manuscript Submissions — no more than 8,000 words
      Practice/Application Manuscript Submissions — no more that 5,000 words

    • Proposals should be prepared in Word (.doc or .docx) format.
    • All proposals must be blinded on submission, which means that no identifying information should appear in the document or in the filename. Submissions that do not comply will not be sent out for review.
    • Please save files as: Type__ALE21 (e.g. Roundtable__ALE21.doc or Workshop__ALE21.docx)
    • Use Times New Roman 12‐pt font
    •  Set all margins at 1”
    • Single-space the proposal but double-space between paragraphs, headings and text, tables, etc.
    • Tables and figures should be inserted into the manuscript/proposal of the text at or near first mention of the table or figure in the manuscript/proposal
    • Tables should be inserted ONLY using the table format in Word. ALL TABLES must be smaller than ONE PAGE. 

    • All figures MUST be imported into your word file as a .jpg file with a minimum resolution of 400 dpi, Use the same typeface (Times New Roman) for all figures. Use symbol font for Greek letters. Acceptable formats for figures are: .jpeg or .png
    • Center and bold section headings
    • Page limitations are noted in the details for each proposal track. Proposals exceeding the page limitations will not be accepted.
    • Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) for all references and citations.

Note: A short abstract of up to 250 words is required with your online proposal submission form.  

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