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Virtual Conference FAQ

ALE 2020 Annual Conference

Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as needed, so feel free to check back occasionally!

If you have questions that aren't answered below, you are encouraged to stop by the Q&A Session on Monday, July 13 (8-10:00 a.m. EDT) or reach out on Remind.

1. How do I access the virtual annual conference?

All conference content will be available on, or linked to, the Association of Leadership Educators website. Each presentation category will have a dedicated page, linked to the main conference schedule, with detailed information about sessions, presentations, and to how to participate. There will also be a digital conference program available through Ex Ordo.

2. What is the registration fee for the virtual annual conference?

The virtual conference is available to all ALE members at no additional cost. In order to participate, make sure your membership is current. You can check membership status and join or renew on the ALE website. You can think of it as a free conference for members or, if you prefer, free membership included with conference registration.

3. Will presentations be synchronous or asynchronous?

As you may remember from previous ALE communication, the virtual conference will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Workshops and roundtables will happen synchronously (see conference schedule for more information), and posters, research papers, and innovative practice papers will be available asynchronously. Our authors/presenters have worked very hard to prepare for all of these presentations, and we hope you enjoy them.

4. Will there be other conference sessions in addition to the five main presentation categories?

Yes. There will be a JOLE info session and FAN meetings on Monday, July 13. These will happen synchronously. There will also be the annual business meeting on Wednesday, July 15. More information can be found on the conference schedule page. If you are not yet part of a Focus Area Network (FAN), visit the FAN survey to express your interest and get on our communication list!

5.  Will synchronous conference content be recorded for later viewing?

Some synchronous conference content may be recorded for later viewing. While this isn’t really an option for roundtable sessions, workshop facilitators have the option to record their sessions. The JOLE info session and FAN meetings may also be recorded, and the annual business meeting will be recorded.

6.  How long will conference content be available?

Synchronous sessions will be available at the time they are scheduled. Any recorded synchronous sessions will be made available if/when possible. Asynchronous presentations will be available on the ALE website from July 10-31.

7.  What if I don’t have Zoom?

Many of us have access to Zoom through professional accounts provided by our employers. If that is not the case for you, you can set up a free Zoom account to use with the conference.

8. Can I Zoom from my phone?

Yes. Zoom has a call-in option as well as an app for smartphones and tablets. It is highly recommended that you participate in the virtual conference from a desktop or laptop in order to maximize functionality (and your ability to engage), but there are other options if a laptop or desktop is not the most feasible way for you to join. If you need to call in to the session and don’t see those instructions published, please reach out to the session facilitator or the conference chair for additional assistance.

9. What if I have tech issues?

Some tech issues may be local to you (wi-fi connection, internet browser, power, etc.). Other tech issues may be related to Zoom itself. Unfortunately, those aren’t issues ALE can fix. If you have an issue with a broken link or difficulty navigating the ALE website, you can contact presenters directly or reach out to the conference chair via Remind. Workshop facilitator e-mail addresses and FAN coordinator e-mail addresses will be linked to their presentations. Roundtable issues should be directed to the conference chair.

10. What if I have other conference needs or questions?

We are using Remind as a conference support feature. You can add yourself to the virtual conference for free. This will allow you to receive announcements and messages from the conference and conference participants. It will also allow you to reach out to the conference chair and other participants with questions. If you don’t have (or don’t wish to have) the Remind app on your phone, you will receive messages via text. You can also engage with Remind from your web browser.

On Monday, July 13, there will be a Q&A opportunity from 8-10:00 a.m. EDT. Think of this as a virtual registration table. If you have a question, stop in! The conference chair (and possibly others) will be available to answer your questions face-to-face in real time.

11. How can I interact with presenters?

As mentioned above, Remind will be a great way to reach out to presenters and other conference participants during the virtual conference. In some cases, presenter e-mail addresses will also be linked to their sessions if you prefer to reach out to them that way. Some poster, research, and innovative practice presenters are also planning synchronous post-conference interaction for those who want to engage in real time. Additional information about those opportunities will be available in the video presentations themselves and also in the presentation information on the website.

12. How can I interact with other conference participants?

If you don’t already know or have contact information for someone you meet through the virtual conference, you can reach out to them via Remind-- and then decide from there if you prefer to interact through other means. Of course, if you are participating in a synchronous meeting or session, you will be able to interact with participants in real time there as well.

Also, use #ALE2020 on social media to share great things about our virtual conference! Don’t forget to follow ALE

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13. What will happen at the business meeting?

The annual business meeting of the association is an opportunity for the membership to be updated on the association’s work from the past year and plans for the future. This includes the 2020-21 annual budget. We will also be hearing from the outgoing and incoming presidents about their thoughts on the organization’s current state and future possibilities. The association’s annual and conference awards will be announced at the annual business meeting, and the 2020-21 board of directors will be installed.

14. When will awards be announced?

Annual and conference awards will be announced at the annual business meeting on Wednesday, July 15 (1:30-3:30 p.m. EDT).

15. When will the Journal of Leadership Education special issue be published?

The special issue of JOLE, which will include top papers from the research and innovative practice proposal categories of the conference, will be published in July. It may be available during the conference. Be watching for announcements!

16. When will the full conference proceedings be available?

As you can imagine, converting from a physical to a virtual conference has taken a LOT of time and work. Unfortunately, this means the proceedings themselves will not be available until late this summer. (We are shooting for no later than Labor Day.) Members and participants will be updated as soon as the proceedings are available.

17. Where will the annual conference be in 2021?

The annual conference is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh in 2021, Kansas City, MO in 2022, and Nashville in 2023. Be watching for your chance to sign up and help with the conference and/or other ALE committees!

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