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2020 Virtual Annual Conference

Workshops will be offered across three different session blocks during the core conference schedule. This page details which workshops are happening in which session blocks.  Follow the "Workshop Block" links to find further instructions on accessing the workshops in Zoom. (If you are not already a member of ALE, join or renew in order to visit those pages.) Additional information and materials for all workshops can also be found in our conference program.

Workshop Block A  (Monday, July 13, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT)

Qualitative Inquiry: Advancing Methodological Best Practices for Leadership Education  (Research Methods Workshop)

Dr. Kate McCain, Dr. Kerry Priest, & Dr. Gina Matkin

As our world becomes more complex and connected, the study of leadership demands questions that need to be addressed in new ways. Answering the call of multiple researchers in our field, this workshop provides a look at how Qualitative Research can help us explore some of these questions. This highly participatory workshop covers some basic elements of qualitative research and traditions, provides examples from the workshop facilitators’ own work, and then engages participants in an active discussion about how they might use qualitative methods in their own research. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas, questions, or even current research projects for discussion.

In Tune with Women's Leadership: Undergraduate Programs to Navigate the Labyrinth  (Educator Workshop)

Dr. Carol Clyde Gallagher & Ms. Yolanda Caldwell

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity for participants to consider the need for and growth of leadership programs for undergraduate women. Drawing from research and best practices, the session will introduce the topic and consider findings from a survey on effective curricular and co-curricular approaches to the education and development of undergraduate women leaders. Facilitators will highlight key components of programs and participants will consider possibilities and strategize on initiatives on their own campus to help young women navigate the “Leadership Labyrinth.” 

Blending Human Systems for Leadership: Embracing Generational Diversity  (Educator Workshop)

Dr. Donna Haeger

Relationships with colleagues of different ages is challenging. Embracing generational diversity to determine best ways to promote inclusion and productivity at work is at the forefront of the leadership challenge. This entertaining workshop will allow participants to explore how leaders can better understand themselves and others to experience and cultivate successful interactions at work to improve relationships, productivity, job satisfaction and quality of work life. Insights into reaching shared understanding is the goals of this workshop.

This professional development workshop will be an interactive learning experience for participants. Talk and learn about the dynamics associated with leading in a workplace host to five generations. As we  enter the era of the fused work environment, there are often misunderstandings between managers, direct reports and coworkers. 

Workshop Block B (Tuesday, July 14, 10 - 11:30 a.m. EDT)

Using (Un)Methods to Navigate Tensions in Community-Based Leadership Research  (Research Methods Workshop)

Dr. Lori Kniffin

Limited research exists on collective leadership development in the civic context. Researching this area requires new ways of thinking and new approaches to inquiry. In this workshop, participants will explore collective paradigms of leadership, community-engaged methodology, and principles of community-based research (CBR). Participants will learn about identifying tensions or ghosts in CBR and how (un)methods can be used to navigate those tensions. The facilitator will draw upon a recent community-engaged research study and invite participants to map their own research projects to identify tensions and think outside traditional methods to better achieve their research goals.

Teaching Transformative Leadership  (Educator Workshop)

Dr. Katherine McKee & Dr. Jackie Bruce

In order to meet 21st century challenges, employers and society need transformative leaders – those who are committed to equity, justice, access, and opportunity. The Student Leader Activist Identity Continuum provides a useful framework for the development of learner, ally, advocate, and activist identities through which students can engage in transformative leadership. Participants in this workshop will design lessons and activities to promote the development of these identities and learn to incorporate resources specifically designed for this purpose. Participants may elect to make their activities available to each other in order to further the formation of a community of leadership educators focused on transformative leadership.

Workshop Block C (Tuesday, July 14, 1 - 2:30 p.m. EDT)

The Power of Holding Environments and Facilitation Skills to Promote Psychological Safety in Leadership Education  (Educator Workshop)

Dr. Joe Lasley & Dr. Daniel Jenkins

In this Educator Workshop, facilitators will demonstrate the importance of facilitation skills to promote the psychological safety of learners in leadership education learning environments. In doing so, workshop participants will take part in learning activities that provide opportunities to design their own development learning plans related to the knowledge of holding environments in leadership education and build self-awareness around leadership educator identity and human development. Please join us for an interactive session that will offer new understanding of the important role of psychology and human development in leadership learning spaces!

Prometheus Leadership Commons Framework in Practice  (Educator Workshop)

Mr. Thomas Bohinc, Mr. Michael Gothe, & Ms. Yassal Sundman

Leadership development suffers a plethora of complex problems. One of them can be summarized as the meta challenge for leadership development: How to navigate the complex topics of leading? How can a student, researcher, a middle manager, an L&D specialist or a CLO plot a pathway through such a confusing landscape? The Prometheus Project’s scholar-practitioners have generated a framework to address this meta-problem. This workshop will introduce the Prometheus Leadership Commons framework as a design element as well as a method, as we demonstrate Collective Intelligence’s eye-reading for social IQ, Liberating Structures’ 1 2 4 ALL, and ed-tech Mentimeter collaboration software as learning practices.

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