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Poverty and the Arts

A creative community transforming homelessness. . . 

The Association of Leadership Educators is proud to again partner with a local community organization during our annual conference in July! As part of our commitment to leave a positive impact on our ALE conference host city, we have partnered with Poverty and the Arts (POVA).


Poverty and the Arts (POVA) is a nonprofit social enterprise, based in Nashville, TN, that provides people impacted by homelessness with access to creative resources and an artistic platform to enhance their quality of life. POVA also highlights the creative talents of people impacted by homelessness in order to broaden perspectives and foster meaningful and equitable relationships across communities.

Two of their signature programs include the Artist Collective Program and the Shared Walls Art Program.

Check out the POVA YouTube channel for more information on this great organization!

While we won't be with them in Nashville for a few more years because of the pandemic, there ARE ways to engage with and support POVA from a distance. Please support them AND share on social media. Use #ALE2020 on social media and include POVA (@PovertyandArts on Twitter or @PovertyandTheArts on Facebook and Instagram)

1. Donate. They are happy to accept donations that will allow them to continue doing great work for and with those experiencing homelessness and hardship.

2. Contribute to Their Library. Their Amazon wishlist has lots of great titles that will help artists and learners excel!

3. Shop for amazing original art-- and support POVA and their artists at the same time! They can ship you some incredible pieces, so don't let the fact that we aren't in Nashville prevent you from enjoying this opportunity.

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