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Focus Area Networks

Membership involvement and development has been a focus of ALE for years. Beyond the annual conference, the association is committed to creating opportunities for ALE members to connect with leadership educators and practitioners throughout the year to share, network, dialogue, and collaborate in areas that are important to them.

We are pleased to offer five separate Focus Area Networks (FANs) to our members. Each FAN group is directed by a coordinator who organizes communication and content with that group. The groups and their respective listservs serve as an opportunity for communication with like-minded professionals. The FAN groups often hold webinars, send relevant information or publications to their members, and discuss collaboration opportunities for the ALE annual conference. The groups also gather in person at least once during the annual conference. See the descriptions and contact information below for each of the ALE FAN groups.

ALE members interested in joining a FAN group or groups should contact John Banter, with your areas of interest.

Agriculture & Extension Leadership

Jason Headrick, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Leadership & Community Development

College of Agricultural Education & Communications

Texas Tech University

If you are an Agricultural Leadership or Extension Educator, this is the FAN for you! Introducing the newest addition to the ALE community: the Agriculture & Extension Leadership FAN!  ALE is paying homage to its foundational roots and offering this opportunity to create a community focused on leadership across agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences. If you are you passionate about nurturing the next generation of agriculturalists or thrive on guiding communities towards success - we're a FAN for you! Whether you're a seasoned extension educator or a budding ag leadership scholar, this is your chance to connect, collaborate, and cultivate greatness in the field of agricultural leadership!

Teaching and Pedagogy/Andragogy

Dan Jenkins, Ph.D.


Leadership & Organizational Studies
University of Southern Maine

Kate McCain, Ph.D. 

Collegiate Assistant Professor

Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Virginia Tech

Our purpose is to dialogue outside (and inside) conference spaces around shared interests in regard to leadership development and education in adult learning (andragogy) and pedagogy. To utilize this space to network, share ideas, and to discuss areas of tension and/or challenges that arise around developing leaders. We encourage our members to engage in the following ways:

  • Share recent and applicable scholarly research
  • Collaborating through dialogue
  • Best practices and resource sharing
  • Personal and professional development
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning (outcome)
  • New and innovative approaches/pedagogy

Student Affairs Leadership

Josh O'Connor, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President of Student Life

University of the Pacific

Susan Luchey

Luchey Learn and Lead Consulting, LLC

The Student Affairs Leadership FAN is designed to connect leadership educators working with leadership programs in Student Affairs together and to promote scholarly practice.  During the year, our FAN has provided professional development opportunities and facilitates the sharing of best practices to members.  At the annual ALE conference, we get together to network with each other and discuss how we can further develop the field as well as each other.

Graduate Leadership Education

Michael C. Gleason, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Irving R. Burling Distinguished Professor in Leadership

Associate Professor of Leadership & Director, Institute for Leadership Education 

Wartburg College


Andrew Wefald, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor

Staley School of Leadership

Kansas State University        

The graduate education FAN group is comprised of individuals interested in considering the unique niche of graduate education in leadership as well as exploring the various pedagogies utilized in delivery of this education.  Those new to graduate leadership education, those who have had more experience, and even those who just want to learn more about graduate leadership education are invited to be a part of this FAN.

Leadership Studies Research

Hannah Sunderman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Virginia Tech

Dami Alegbeleye, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Leadership & Organizational Studies

University of Southern Maine

The Leadership Studies Research FAN is designed to sharpen the scholarly capacity of ALE members by applying time, space, network, and resources toward research methods in leadership studies pertinent to leadership education.  In 2019, the Leadership Studies Research FAN launched the Methods Workshops concept at the ALE Conference, which provides professional development training in research methods to ALE members.

Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Brittany L Adams-Pope, Ph.D.

Public Service Faculty

J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development

University of Georgia

Executive education, in the college classroom and the practice of coaching and leadership development in the workplace can be explored in the Coaching and Consulting Focus Area Network. In the Coaching and Consulting FAN, you will find business and industry leaders, educators, students, coaches and entrepreneurs – bringing their perspectives to the conversation. This intersection of formal education and practitioner knowledge is critical for the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.  The world of leadership and management is changing rapidly, there is no one size fits all. The impact of technological and generational change on executive education, coaching, and consulting is why this FAN can contribute thought leadership to the conversation.


Kameron Rinehart
Doctoral Student: Agricultural Education & Communications

Texas Tech University

Kira Jatoft

Doctoral Student: Higher Education Leadership and Practice

University of North Georgia

The Student FAN is a group for students, moderated by students. Its purpose is to support students interested in leadership education. A newly established FAN, we welcome your ideas for how to begin building our community together. We aim to connect students to one another, to introduce you to mentors outside of your home institution, and to provide valuable resources to support your professional development. 

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