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Quick Guide: Advertising, Job Announcements, & Research Solicitation

The ALE Policy Manual includes information about the association's policies and practices with regard to advertising and research solicitation. This page provides a quick guide. Please refer to the policy manual for more detailed information.

The Association of Leadership Educators does not share or sell membership lists or conference registration lists.

Those wishing to advertise in association publications, regardless of membership, should reach out to a member of the board of directors. The sharing of resources and programs may constitute advertising if the resources and programs include a fee of any kind. Any advertising posts on the website discussion board will be removed.

Those wishing to advertise or promote as part of the ALE Annual Conference may be eligible to be a conference sponsor.

The ALE Job Board is available for position announcements and recruiting. ALE members may post free of charge. Non-members will be subject to a posting fee and should contact the Immediate Past President to proceed with posting.

Those wishing to recruit research participants through ALE should consider the following questions:

  • Is at least one of the researchers associated with the project a current ALE member?
  • Has the research project been approved or exempted by an institutional review board (IRB)?
  • Will the board have at least 30 days to consider this request before planned outreach to the membership?

If the answer to all of these questions is "yes", please feel free to proceed with your request.

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