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Conference Connectors Program


An exciting component of ALE conferences is the Conference Connectors program (formerly the conference Mentor Program). This program, founded in 2014 was created in hopes of fostering an inclusive environment for our first-time attendees and helping them to get to know both the organization and its members on a more personal level, with the ultimate purpose of heightening the value of the conference experience for our first time attendees. The conference opening reception and newcomer welcome sub-committee invites new conference attendees to participate and ALE members to volunteer as ALE Connectors.

Newcomers, who are they?

ALE members and non-members who are attending the conference for the first time.

Connectors, who are they?

ALE members who have attended at least one ALE conference and feel confident in their knowledge of the association and their abilities to help assimilate newcomers into the conference in an inclusive and positive manner. These ALE members take pride in the association and are committed to helping newcomers build relationships and find ways to become actively engaged with the association.

What is required of a Connectors and Newcomers?

  • Connectors and newcomers should plan to attend the newcomers’ reception and the opening reception on Sunday late afternoon and evening.  The newcomer's reception is the scheduled time for connectors and newcomers to meet, so it is imperative that both attend this event.
  • Connectors and newcomers go to dinner on Sunday evening (Dutch treat!). The coordinator will identify several restaurants close to the conference hotel where small groups can dine together.
  • Connectors introduce our newcomers to their colleagues in ALE to facilitate networking and relationship building throughout the conference.
  • Connectors share at least one conference meal (scheduled breakfast or lunch) with your new member to ensure that the ALE experience is a positive one.
  • Connectors check in with the newcomer(s) on the final evening or morning of the conference to address any questions or concerns and to encourage the newcomers towards active membership and to request they complete the conference evaluation.

Registration Process

Newcomers and Connectors may request to participate in this Conference Connectors Program as they complete the on-line conference registration form.


At the conclusion of the conference, participants will be asked to evaluate their experiences on the post-conference survey.

Questions? For additional information, please contact Susan Luchey at

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