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2024 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Cameron Beatty

Tuesday, July 16 | Breakfast Plenary

Cameron C. Beatty, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department at Florida State University. Dr. Beatty teaches courses in the undergraduate leadership studies program and the higher education graduate program, as well as conducting research with the Leadership Learning Research Center. Dr. Beatty is currently the Program Coordinator for the Higher Education Program. He is a faculty affiliate with the African American Studies Program.

Dr. Beatty's research foci includes exploring the intersections of gender and race in leadership education, leadership development of Students of Color on historically white college campuses and understanding experiences of racial battle fatigue for Black and Latinx students. His recent publications center on topics that include navigating racial battle fatigue for campus student leaders, supporting undergraduate Black women through Sister Circles, gains in leadership capacity for high achieving Black men leaders, and supporting undergraduate men in leadership education through liberatory pedagogy. In 2019 Dr. Beatty co-edited a monograph titled: Critical Considerations for Race, Ethnicity and Culture for Fraternity and Sorority Life. He is a scholar passionate about deconstructing race, systemic racism, and hegemonic masculinity in postsecondary education environments. Dr. Beatty recently co-authored two books for the Information Age Publishing series, Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Learning. The first book, Engaging in the Leadership Process: Identity, Capacity, and Efficacy for College Students, is co-authored with Dr. Kathy Guthrie and Dr. Erica Wiborg. The second book, also co-authored with Dr. Kathy Guthrie, is titled Operationalizing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning, and was published 2021. Engaging Black Men in College Through Leadership Learning, is co-edited with Dr. Jesse Ford and was published in 2023. Dr. Beatty’s forthcoming book is co-edited with Dr. Amber Manning-Ouellette, Moving Toward Action: Centering Anti-Racism in Leadership Learning, and will be released in late spring 2024.

Dr. Beatty co-hosts, Scholar Tea, a fun and witty podcast with Dr. Shawna Patterson-Stephens (a Florida State alumna) that explores current issues in higher education from a critical perspective.

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