The Journal of Leadership Education

Committed to the advancement of leadership learning. 

Overview of JOLE
The Journal of Leadership Education is published in association with the Association of Leadership Educators. JOLE is an electronic journal open to all, both as writers and readers. The journal has been conceived as an online journal that is available on the world wide web and is to be self-supporting. To this end, at some time in the future a fee may be charged for publication. At present, all editorial, Board, and reviewer services are provided without cost to JOLE or its members by volunteer scholars and practitioners.

The Aim & Scope of JOLE
Theory and research frame the learning and practice of leadership and the Journal of Leadership Education provides a platform for research and practice oriented scholarship. 

JOLE provides opportunities for dialogue, evolving discourse, and engagement about the discipline of leadership.  The journal serves as a forum to share teaching advancements, research innovation and application. 

JOLE engages a leadership learning community committed to promoting scholarly practice.



"Seek first to understand, then to be understood"

ISSN 1552-9045 • Indexed in Cabell's Directory

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Leadership theory; research; practice; leaders; followers; learners; learning; pedagogy; civic leadership; pubic leadership; leadership education; leadership inquiry; organization development; leadership development; leadership teaching; learning; & curriculum development; program assessment & evaluation; psychological development; sociological development; social identity; Social change; community development; global & intercultural leadership
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